The Night

Tonight is our night, my love,
The night of your endurance
And my perseverance,
A night which never fades away.

I watch as the day turns
Bright and dark and bright again,
I watch every second pass
Like bombs ticking down.
I watch you remain zen
In the face of trouble
And dare not loosen
My hands around you.

Its just a night to many
But an eternity for me
As I wait for the curse to lift
And life to flow again.



Loving Strangers

Some people just waltz into your life
Like they own the world.

They might be self-centred, compassionate,
Trustworthy, toxic,
Sunshine in your bleak life
Or a hurling hurricane.

But whatever they are,
They waltz into your life
And make it theirs too.

Some people waltz into your life
And break all the barriers for you,
Some others might force you
To put up more fences than ever.

But whatever they do,
They change you
For better or worse.

Some people just waltz into your life
And you love them for who they are.
And when they leave,
They take a piece of your heart with them
And make you sit down and weep.



Invisible Fathers

I realised the other day –
I don’t enquire about other’s fathers,
Probably coz mine is already gone.
But that got me thinking,
Was that all?

I realised that somehow
Along the way as I turned
From daddy’s lil’ girl to
That girl from a broken home
And I saw men taking care of their children,
Laughing with them,
Dropping them off at places,
Fathers became invisible to me.
When I chose not to be with mine,
They stopped existing for me.

It has been years now
And I’ve learnt a lot,
I see things through different eyes
And I chose to forgive mine,
Though he was gone before he knew I had.

I’m at peace with myself,
And all that had been,
Fathers have started being visible again,
And I’m happy about it.

I feel grateful for absent fathers
Coz daddy, you made me strong.




Swirling inside my head,
The words are dancing.
They laugh, they joke,
They mock me for my lack.

I am not a wordsmith.
I’m but a crazy woman
Ranting things she could never express,
Things she’s kept inside,
Safe under the lock and key
Of her insane mind.

She laughs, she cries,
She falls down and rolls
In the words that spew from her gut.

She’s shameless, you say.
But what’s shame, when you’ve got nothing to lose
And nothing to gain?




Cold winds of December
Thy heart never thaws.
The icicles of your mind
Piercing my veins,
Your frosty kiss
A dying mist on my lips,
Your cold hands
Bruising mine with time.
Your pale, white face,
Your silvery hair,
Those swirling gales of laughter
All become my undoing.
I forfeit the sun and summer
And the feel of warmth on my skin.
I present myself to thee
To preserve or to perish.



Cathedral of Green

I stand here
In this cathedral of green
Baring my heart before you.

Forgive me Father,
For I have not sinned.
Forgive me for saying “no”,
Taking a stand,
Voicing my opinions,
Striking back at those who wronged me,
Believing that I too am a human,
Loving a man with my life,
Hoping against hope.

So I stand here
In this cathedral of green
Baring my heart and
Awaiting your judgement.